josie gibsonI’m sure you’ve noticed but Josie Gibson hardly looks like the same girl, does she? Losing 3st will have that effect on you! Once we discovered it was done without surgery or drugs, we just had to explore Josie weight loss and just how it was done. The best news? We picked up some winning tips from her body transformation and are sharing them below! Enjoy.

Josie Weight Loss Winning Tips

  • Find a Fitness Mentor.

Josie’s diet was terrible and fitness habits non-existent until she stumbled upon a no-nonsense coach who not only came up with a plan to get her into shape but also helped keep her motivated in the process. Josie weight loss fitness mentor is the semi pro rugby player James Stark a mate of her brother’s. Yours could be a personal trainer, a friend from the gym or even a online coach. Explore the possibilities.

  • Go Intense Or Go Home!

A key part of Josie’s fitness training is a total focus on high intensity exercise. This means going full force for half a minute of fat burning fury followed by a short session of “active” rest. This is repeated again quickly. The whole workout is so intense it only lasts 20 minutes total. But what a explosive, sweat drenched twenty minutes it is! This isn’t a no-impact Richard Simmons workout that’s for sure.

  • Use Nontraditional Exercises.

Sure press ups, curls and the like are included in Josie weight loss exercise program but much more important are the nontraditional exercises like punching with weights in her hands, jumping squats and full on sprints in place! These all burn fat fast.

  • Follow a Healthy Fat Diet.

Josie’s diet is sure unusual as well. Eating often (around 5 meals a day) to keep her metabolism going and not shying away from healthy fats (think lots of bacon for breakfast even) the discipline really kicks in only on keeping her starches and carbohydrates on the low end. Hard training helps make up for any dieting imperfections. Isn’t that a relief?

  • Use Smart Diet Supplements.

This where Josie shines as well. She really makes use of every cutting edge supplement you could think of to help her torch off the fat and keep it off? Interested in details. Look around this blog further! Pride ourselves on having the best diet supplement info available today. If Josie uses it we have it here.

  • Explore Her Training Further.

To really dive into Josie weight loss techniques check out her DVD set available now titled “30 Second Slim”. Really great stuff, plus you get lots of her bubbly fun personality and insight as well. Don’t miss it.

josie weight loss
Even if you don’t need to lose 3st Josie Gibson has lots to offer in ideas and fat loss motivation. She did it and you can too. With the right training, diet and most of all supplements you can produce the same results and have people wondering just how you did it too. Pretty exciting stuff, right? Let us know your results and any tips you picked up along the way, as always, we’d love to share them!


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